A multi-dimensional person whose blueprint transcends all boundaries of geography, race, culture, color, doctrine and religion. Elaiizah is a contemporary woman, however, with a marked difference! She has unearthed the wisdom and discovered her power that shall set her free. She walks her talk with lionheartedness, and her talk is: "Human life is but an exclusive opportunity to wholly experience oneself, in a limited and complex playground called earth, through passion, love and fearlessness. However, with the awareness that we are ‘Spiritual Beings’ having a human experience for a short time on earth, and not human beings living a limited spiritual encounter. If you wine and dine with such awareness, even wine shall taste better."

Elaiizah is not a teacher or a preacher. She is no self-professed, spiritual guru. Nor does she submit herself as a support system for others to depend upon. She strongly advocates self-reliance/self-dependency in order to fully experience the shades of "I AM" and "I AM NOT". She believes in her truth, she speaks her truth, and lives her truth fearlessly, with no submission to external validation.

Elaiizah has enjoyed a successful career in business and has been a renowned actress on television and stage. She is a unique package of Power within, and joyful abandonment beyond. She lives her life to the fullest. She abstains from nothing; she follows no one; she belongs to no specific format or convention; she respects another’s choice of indoctrinated belief systems, but herself enlists in none!

"Love is the engine that keeps us alive. Romance is our birthright, not something we should doubt, suppress, or consider a weakness. It is not a feeling that should decompose or fade away with years of marriage or with aging maturity. After all, it is only love that can wipe our tears, gladden our hearts, de-stress our minds, de-toxify our bodies and bring a smile upon saddened faces. Yes, life is not easy and nor is it going to get any easier, however, there is a remedy available for these trying times, and that is LOVE! Therefore, let us open our hearts; let us open our eyes and see/feel/and touch love. It is all around us and, in all of us! We are here to give love. Love, just like universal energy, automatically gets replenished without asking/demanding/or expecting from another. On this account, let us forsake our habitual format of love. Human love is all about "give & take", where as True Love is simply about "GIVING", and only giving! If we can de-format our minds and just allow our pure feelings to take over there shall be no more disappointments in life, no more tragedies, no more fear, no more crime, no more terrorism, no more losses, no more lack, no more illusions!

"AN APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY serves as a reminder that each one of us is a Master within. We are all Powerful Beings who need only to re-charge and re-energize the power that lies dormant within. This is called "En-lightenment", which is plainly the re-awakening, the re-alization, and the re-connection with our Spiritual Self of unconditional love, invincible power, and infinite wisdom!"


"We do all stand in the front ranks of the battlefield every moment of our life; where there is a brave man, there is the thickest of the fight. And there lies the post of Honor!"

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