A Metaphysical Love Story
Between two worlds
 A movie not a book
Cinematographically carries you through
Life, Death, & the Spirit World
Leaving you finally at



“The screen comes alive with lilac-coloured flames surging overhead. There is a hung silence. Then the rumble of a dignified and resonant Voice echoes through the stillnes, and, articulates an unusual Truth! He speaks the words of Wisdom. The same of which is projected upon the screen. A deep violet calligraphy of His spoken ‘revelation’ is etched across the engorging flames.


“In August 1987, Earth was interrogated! It was asked the question: ‘Are you ready?’ Much to the surprise of the Spirit the answer received was a resounding:  ‘YES’

The vibratory level of the planet had considerably been raised to the point where the entire polarity of the Spirit had shifted!

Much earlier, an astronomical event named ‘MYRVA’ had been set into motion. A huge dark luminous ‘death-rock’, called by the name of ‘Myrva’, had been commissioned to crash into a continent on the Earth’s surface. The entire process of collision, from its inception to its termination, was expected to be completed within the ensuing period of thirteen years.

The fatal scenario designed was such, as to effect complete devastation of Earth by invoking extensive global-warming results upon the planet. The imminent crash of Myrva upon the Earth’s surface would have raked-up huge dust storms, consequently effecting the ice on the polar caps to melt, which would have commenced a colossal weight-shift in the water mass. The voluminous swelling of the ocean, today recognized as a tsunami, would have urgently flooded the landmass, causing in its aftermath, the axis-shift of the Earth’s rotation that would have triggered invariably the imbalance in the Earth’s revolutions, sequentially causing the prophesied and planned termination of the planet.

Myrva was coming! The end was approaching! The consciousness of mankind had plummeted rock bottom. The domination of the sinister forces; the command of the psychic-plane; the hypnotic control of the hordes of darkness had succeeded in saturating humanity. War, destruction and evil practices had become rampant. Negativity had superseded positive thought; evil had overshadowed benediction; hatred, depravity, and deceit had substituted purity; and kalyug had antiquated the Golden Era of Satyug. Extinction was definitively the only answer!

However, beneath this filth; as not known by many on Earth; was the Divine Effort of the Great Regent Lord of the World, the Logos of Earth, the entire Spiritual Hierarchy embodying several Avatars, Ascended Masters, God and Goddesses, Angelic Beings, Forces of the Galactic Federation, and Great Cosmic Beings, who had infused together and altered this self-imposed direction toward total massacre. Their focused determination, alongside the concerted pursuit of many a human being on Earth, had resultantly awakened a large fraction of the misguided population. This endeavour had successively raised the vibratory ratio of the planet. The Earth had now become ready…and so it had answered ……… ‘YES’!

A festivity of great joy was celebrated in the Spirit World. We rejoiced the Earth’s transformation. The implosion of Myrva was arrested. The collision course was altered. It was now to explode in outer space only. Its pieces could nevertheless hit the Earth’s exterior, causing however only minimal damage, the extent of which would be determined by the magnitude of fear-psychosis prevalent on Earth.

And so, today, Myrva is no longer a reality.

However, 400 years ago, the “End of Times” had been quite accurately prophesied by Earth’s renowned Prophet Nostradamus. But, here and now, you have indeed changed this reality! You have truly raised the energy of your planet, Mother Gaia. Earth has survived its experiment and has been promoted.

It is now entering “THE FIFTH DIMENSION”.

Indeed, We Honour you! We Celebrate you! You have earned it. And now, We welcome you back, Home again!”

The screen returns to its surging Violet Flames. There is, once again, a hung silence. Suddenly, amidst a flash of lightening and the sounds of symphonic trumpet, the title of the film is enflamed upon the screen.




This is a story between an Indian woman and an American expatriate living and working in Bombay, India. Through serendipity they meet and the fated-connection is triggered. They ‘fall-in-love’ madly. But destiny has other plans! However, these are Twin-Rays and once Twin-Flames meet, destiny nor death can keep them apart. Death does them apart but, their Twin-Flame love is the magnet that draws them together infallibly, through the veil of death and from dimensions apart.


“…Sameera thanks Saint Germain for all His love and assistance however conveys her regrets on being unable to journey with Him into the Spirit World, based upon her strong desire to return home, her rightful abode on Earth. Saint Germain gently explains to Sameera the transitional procedure from the planet Earth to her original Home here. However, He tells her, if she still so desired to re-incarnate, she could most certainly do so, but only after going through the required Celestial channels of proper assessment. Nevertheless, Sameera insists upon the urgency of her immediate return to Earth so that her re-embodiment could take place in the same body, or else the whole purpose for returning would prove futile….

“…… And so, Saint Germain informs Sameera all these activities fall under the jurisdiction of ‘The Karmic Board’, and thus it is not in His power to grant such an unusual permission, or deny its possibility. But the Earth is a karmic planet of choices; perhaps, the only one in the Universe; and therefore its inhabitants too have the right to exercise the gifted freedom of multiple choices. A freedom, mind you, no one, not even an Ascended Master can interfere with. To which Sameera then tells her Beloved Guide, she thereby accepts and exercises her freedom of choice to return to Earth. But if, by some chance, she cannot do so in her physical body, she would then become a ghost and live in the astral plane but would certainly not choose to stay here, without Robin.

“Saint Germain is saddened by Sameera’s rigid stance. He loves her and had so eagerly watched over her entire cycle on Earth, protecting her at every stage, guiding her through life’s tough passages of trials and sufferings, rewarding her every triumph, awaiting her eventual return to this longing reunion. He could not allow her to now slip away into the undesirable astral dimension. He tells Sameera to hold on and take no drastic steps until He had considered the other possibilities…..”


This Book (The Fifth Dimension), and the first Book (An Appointment With Destiny), have been scribed with the emblazoned inspiration of Ascended Master Sanctus Germainus.


The Hierarch of the New Earth



I AM” Here! Do you see Me?
I AM” looking at you!
I have long, long been planning
Earthly veils to step through;
I have loved and have held you
In My Heart’s Dazzling Light;
I AM” SAINT GERMAIN speaking -
Take My Hand! Reach My Height!

I AM” Here! Do you feel Me?
  “I AM” pouring Light through -
   Cosmic Light Rays transcendent
  To enfold and lift you!
Then accept Them and use Them,
  Feel the Help that I give!
  Be My Luminous Presence -
  Blaze My Love! Make Joy Live!

    “I AM” here! You have called Me!
I AM” answering you!
  I prepare each one daily
To be raised to Me too!

Do you know how I love you,
I AM” offering you all -
Then accept My Full Power,

Answer now My Heart’s Call!
I AM” here! Then receive Me!
I AM” clearing the way!
All before you is yielding,

Feel My Glorious Light Ray!
Breathe It in! Use Its Power!
It is coming right through!
Watch My Light! Look within It!
See My Arms raised to you?

I AM” here! Real and Living,
I AM” Master – all Free!
Still your thought and your feeling!
Speak the Word! Come to Me!
Let your Presence Almighty
Raise you now - make you know
All the Light in Our Octave,
All the Gifts We bestow!

I AM” here! You have conquered!
I AM” holding your hand!
Face to face We are speaking –
All Victorious you stand!
Through the Great “I AM” Presence,
You have opened Light’s Door –
I AM” SAINT GERMAIN speaking …

“You are FREE evermore!”



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