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208 Million Years before Earth was conceived

someplace, somewhere, beyond…



Billion Years ago…


The First Walk Away from Home…


The Sirian – Earth Connection

Some 8.5 Light Years distant from Earth




Ettalonia, Lemuria, Mu


The Story of Planet “Maldek”

The Grand Celestial Soap Opera…The Star


The End of the “First Recorded Golden Moon Age


Etar, Atlantis, Atar

Part – III      Thoth


Once Upon a time…


Face-to-Face with “The Voice Of Silence”


The “Brotherhood Of Night” versus “The Brotherhood Of Light”


“The Halls of Amenti”


  Thoth’s Teachings … “The Key Of Wisdom”


      The Temple of Violet Fire & Purification


The meeting of Twin-Rays

Thoth & Seshata


The Fall of the “Second Recorded Golden Age of Saturn”


The Hour of the Judgment

The Final Decision


The Destruction of the “Second Recorded Golden Age of Saturn”




The Manu Epoch of Yugas

The Manu Epoch Table


An “Open-Ended Cosmology”

En Kai Pan

The Universal Hierarchy

“THE VOICE OF SILENCE” speaks after a long silence and reveals mystifying secrets from a time even before Earth’s conception, followed by the very creation of Earth and, through Humanity’s various Golden Ages (recorded and unrecorded);along with the appalling stories of the eventual destruction of each Root Race. However, the extraordinary feature unveiled by “THE VOICE OF SILENCE” is the ‘never-before revealed’ angle of ‘emotions and feelings' that were experienced by the Creator and Its Hierarchy (especially by the Regent God of Earth - Lord Sanat Kumara) at the point of Final Judgment, when God’s Fiat was issued for complete annihilation of the Human Race.


“The hour of the judgment had once again arrived, and the Nameless One, the God of ‘All That Is’, the Voice of Silence, seated upon His throne in the center of the twelve times twelve (The council of 12x12) Hierarchies of Light summons His son, known famously as the “The Great Sacrifice”, Lord of the World – Logos of Earth, Lord Sanat Kumara. A closed circuit deliberation occurs, the Akashic Record of Atlanteans is studied, and then The Nameless One, The Voice of Silence pronounces the ‘Word’ that is the unanimous consensus of all: “Let the evolution of Etar become extinct. No longer shall this defiance of the Law be tolerated! My dear son, ye hath my power and my word to carry forth our plan that ye know of. Go forth and implement the termination of Etar immediately!”
“Lord Sanat Kumara had now been issued the Creator’s Fiat to end yet another wave on Earth. He had once managed to save the planet but couldn’t continue to save its civilizations till date. He is deeply saddened to commission yet another extinction of humanity. Earth has been a tough experiment for the galaxy, though daring and courageous, as the lifeforms literally walk a thin rope in total darkness that spells doom at both ends, yet ne’er had humanity ever succeeded in successfully crossing-over the narrow, slippery, needle-thin pathway of complete darkness into the open arena of Light. And the director of this daring experiment was none other than Lord Sanat Kumara, “The Greatest of All Avatars”, “The Keeper of the Spark of GOD”, “The Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva of Earth”, who shouldered the entire accountability of this planet, and its humanity, through all its cycles until the final and last evolutionary succession. He had the responsibility therefore to issue the concluding decision of the Nameless One and the Cosmic Council to terminate the entirety of a human race yet surviving on Earth. He was the father of human civilization and therefore felt the pain of a parent who had to kill his own children for the higher good of all life in the universe. For Earth, Lord Sanat Kumara was Brahma–the creator, Vishnu-the preserver, and Shiva-the destroyer. And so, in the role of Shiva He then prepares to fulfill His responsibility

"He summons Thoth, the Priest-King of Etar, to a formal meeting along with the Lords of the Light from the Halls of Amenti, and the Kumaras of Venus. He first instructs Thoth to recede the power of the crystal conglomerate. Thoth reduces one-by-one the power of the crystals. However, the more power of the crystals was ebbed the more the Atlanteans began to believe in ‘their’ power. Their ego knew no limit and remained uncontrolled. Their arrogance and pride continued to augment. They refused to acknowledge or surrender to the Light. Lord Sanat Kumara’s leniency was indeed being tested! He knew now the softer approach would not bring back what had been reduced to ashes, and was continuing to be obstinately reduced to even further dust. Pushed to his limit, Lord Sanat Kumara struck the final blow. In one fast stroke he disconnected the power completely! The Crystal Conglomerate immediately stopped emitting energy and the Etheric Grid came apart. The direction of the Eternal Flame was changed. The balance shifted. All power supply was shut-off. The planet plunged into complete darkness. Indeed, this was the darkest extinction of the human race, ever, on earth! “

And so at first there was a
then all fell silent …
… for a long long while!

But now
Speaks, once again…

And opens the doorway to
the hidden ancient mysteries
of a time long forgotten.

Deep in the essence of matter were these mysteries and secrets concealed,
lest they be mis-used by the minds of evil.
For Man and Earth had been consumed,
 for a long time now, by the darkness of
The Brotherhood of Night.

It was said then…
“At a time unborn,
'Secrets' shall unveil to ones who dare dwell within.
The First Divine shall unearth the Fire
And bring forth
Material from Immaterial
That shall fill the world with
Sangeeta Handa
 “Today the time has come for all secrets to be exposed, and explained! This is so because earth has survived its final cycle of evolution and not been annihilated, as was maintained by earlier expectations. The human race is victoriously awakening to the consciousness of LIGHT, despite the tough blueprint of “Non-Remembrance” or “Total Forgetfulness of the Source”. And so, with the age-old war between light and darkness swiftly nearing its end, the time to know all has arrived! The Bell of Freedom cannot be sounded until All are ready to enter the ‘ONE’. And therefore, “THE VOICE OF SILENCE”   now reports the mysterious tales and undrapes the curtain over secrets of yestermorn!”“THE VOICE OF SILENCE”  speaks through the stillness of time, of a period when Earth existed not… a time some 208 millions years ‘before’; in the Kingdom of the Lord’s Many Mansion Worlds where a startling event had occurred, wherein, a Goddess had been abducted and indeed mesmerized by a ‘Fallen’ Archangel!
An untold, totally unheard of love story, in which a Goddess ‘falls-in-love’ with Lucifer and lives, for long, happily after…but not forever! In the absolute hypnosis of the lie …

(picture created by Christopher Moeller)

.…This was verily no ordinary event! The stage was being readied, which would sometime later … much much later … impact wholly the blueprint and evolution of a planet--yet to be conceived (then) and named ‘Earth’! This is the ‘Prelude’ of the Book….(an extract below)


“...The castle suddenly looms into vision. The huge wooden door creaks open. A soft golden light spills through. The inside appears bathed in a shimmering glow. A glow of warmth and inviting emotion. Quite to the contrary of the stoned grey exterior! A human form appears at the door. A being, a la mode, though clad much in medieval attire. Long loose-sleeved chemise, tapering handsomely at the waist. A form-fitting band, tucked casually into jockey pants that slip into tall tan-leathered boots. Dressed in grey, he strides forward with a bearing of joie de vivre, as his fine golden-mane swings into the breeze like a song-in-the-wind. In abandonment, he steps into the world outside. His domain, his terrain, the master of all that is! ……And. As if this was not enough! There appears yet another form. Now a woman’s stature clad in medieval attire. A long flowing gown in grey, corseted from chest down to narrow waist. Held together by a band that briefly halts the graceful flow of velvet down to dainty feet. Slender, with fragile shoulders and a small physique that reaches barely to his chest. A face so angelic, a countenance so imploring! With gentle yet sharp features, and golden-white woolly hair that curls down her front, with locks that cascade down to her thighs. She runs out of the castle heading towards the mystical man, with feet bare and locks swinging wildly in the wind…

"…As they embrace; a vision of magical enchantment indeed; tiny balls of light begin to glow around them, as it were in an eternal dance of celebration with sparks of radiance lighting their aura, magical, light-filled, shimmering with the fairy dust of illumination, love and gratitude. The world breaks into a garden of Heaven’s flora. They embrace and they sway, with time ebbing everlastingly. Magic was, indubitably, being created here that would later weave its way into her life, birth after birth, and haunt her every breath, her every existence, till the Creator relents and anoints their inevitable bonding, back into one another again….and forever!

"The sparks multiply into a golden halo that pompously enfolds the couple as they blend into the oneness of love. She bids him goodbye and watches him fade into the dark brown woods, yonder. Dark woods indeed, with forest dense and mature, embracing and creating unusually large foliage, all in shades of deep brown and darker. Just then he re-appears from the darkness afar and calls back to her, “My love, look out for me! When dawn meets dusk, I shall return…and each time hence!”

"Her soft angelic face turns poignant. Her gentle features crease into severity. A chill of ruin crawls up her spine. A billion veins of anguish burst upon her unlined countenance. Her body tightens to a cognizance of doom. She knows … somehow … in some way … this was the last she would see of him! Her life stops. The sparks die. The lights switch off!...” “THE VOICE OF SILENCE” then unfolds the alpha process of Earth…an event that occurred some 208 million years ‘ago’, when energy solidified into matter, birthing in its process a planet baptized ‘Earth’.

Earth then seeded a ‘human race’ with a synonymous blueprint of evolution as itself. The second chapter of this Book (titled--“The First Walk Away from Home”) reveals the fascinating life of the virginal human race who not only lived an extraterrestrial existence but, were astonishingly apart and different from us in their use of sense and sensibilities.“THE VOICE OF SILENCE” articulates as well a very special connection between Earth and the star-planetary system known as Sirius. It explains the indispensable importance of this linkage, which directly impacts evolution, transition, and ascension of Earth and Humanity. It enlightens the science of Antahkarana, or the Rainbow Bridge connection, between Earth/Sirius/and God, on a cosmic and personal level.

 “THE VOICE OF SILENCE” further reverberates the truth about life and culture of the first two recorded Golden Ages on Earth – Ettalonia and Etar, the Akashic names for Lemuria and Atlantis; as well as the shocking ‘cause-and-effect’ that led to the complete annihilation of these ancient civilizations from the very face and record of planet Earth, forever.  
  The Spiritual ETTALONIA (Lemuria) The Technological ETAR (Atlantis)  
   “THE VOICE OF SILENCE” unveils information as well of another planet that existed in our Solar System, namely ‘MALDEK’, before it was obliterated from the map altogether. The debris of which today exists as the ring of Saturn. It issues additionally a formidable and singular warning, a fierce admonition against the use, and even testing, of nuclear weapons of mass destruction upon Earth, which had become the cause of complete demolition, decimation, and removal of the planet from our Solar System altogether. So much so that the people of Earth today do not even know of its name!

 “THE VOICE OF SILENCE” then rests its case upon a beautiful story of a special soul that lived in Etar (Atlantis), born as a ‘child of man’ but evolved eventually into the ‘Child of Light’ through tremendous self-effort, endeavour, and passion. This is a story of a humble soul who matured through the quietude of beyond into the famous Etar High Priest, known by the name of “THOTH”, who then went on and became the well renowned God of Khem (Ancient Egypt). Chapter after chapter reveals his ascent from childhood into maturity; his die-hard motivation to unravel the mysteries of life that led him to encounter the VOICE; his initiations into the Light; his conversations with the VOICE; his attainment of ancient Wisdom; followed soon by him being chosen (by the VOICE) as the next ‘Lord Manu’ to seed the new life of human race upon another land area termed as Khem, now Egypt (following the termination of Etar); and his life thereafter in Khem.  
(picture created by Maia Christianne Nartoomid)
thereafter recounts unusual stories of Thoth, mysterious and totally unknown to common man. The unsung metaphysical love-story between Thoth and his special soul partner – “SESHAT”, whom he encounters perhaps for the first time in Atlantis. And perhaps not! Could this mysterious intersection have happened before, conceivably 208 millions years ‘before’…someplace…somewhere…beyond…when she was the love of another Being? (The Prelude) The Book subtlety speaks of this union, or the re-union, between Thoth and his Twin-Flame Seshat (the woman who first introduced upon Earth ‘language’, and the craft of ‘writing’ and ‘mathematics of measurement’, and who is the ‘Record Keeper’ of Ancient Wisdom, the Librarian of all Sacred Books of Life, and the Original ‘Scriber’ of Earth’s Evolutions), who later (in the Egyptian Civilization) became the beloved wife of Thoth, about whom, not much has been documented nor discovered! seshat  

Hear the sound behind the silence….
Hear the VOICE within the quietude….
Within the stillness there is a symphony….
Within the moment there is eternity….
Within matter there is energy….

Within con-fusion there is the fusion of ‘All that is”….
Within the planet there is you, and within you is the whole planet.

Just as,
within GOD is you
And within you is GOD Eternal!

  This Book is co-written with the emblazoned inspiration of the ‘Great Regent Lord of the World’ (also the God of Venus) –


 “The body is as a foam-bubble,
temporary, worthless.
Where now is that lovely face,
that beautiful body?
Only the ignorant delight in this impermanence!

In this prison, you shall cross the ocean of existence.
The night of ignorance has cleared
And the sun of your good fortune is at its height
You are now an Arhat,
You are now a liberated being!”

                 ...Lord Sanat Kumara


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