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This Book shall unearth and shock humankind with its revelations of a highly controversial and famed Pharaoh of Egypt, namely AKHENATON; the re-incarnation of THOTH. It shall speak about Akhenaton’s unusual rule over Upper and Lower Egypt that changed forever the foundations of all belief systems, which in turn effected a blood bath truly gruesome and grotesque that annihilated forever all footprints and evidence of this reign and its ruler in a manner shockingly barbaric and unfathomable!


This Book shall uncover, for the first time in the history of ancient pharaoic Egypt, the metaphysical ‘untold love-story’ between the famous and the most sought-after mysterious King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Akhenaton, and his much ignored second wife – "QUEEN KAIA", about whom once again (and this is indeed history repeating itself) not much has been known nor told, however, this time for reasons shockingly inhuman and evil! She was in fact his favourite, the true metaphysical love of his life, and he had conferred upon her the title of “The Great Beloved Wife”. She was the reincarnation of Seshat, Thoth’s Twin-Flame, just as Akhenaton was the re-embodiment of Thoth.


The saga unfolds the shocking tragedy of intense passion, love, jealousy, revenge and politics that had ultimately lead to murder of the most grisly nature. This had caused certain persons (Nefertiti – the first wife of Akhenaton, and her aides-in-crime) to obliterate all records of truth which otherwise could have dimmed their authority, popularity, and indeed their claim-to-fame! As a result of such action all signs of the human drama, that had unmistakably shaken and ripped the stage of the New Kingdom of 18th dynasty Egypt, had completely been obliterated.

At that time history was being created laced with romance, beauty, light and divinity. There was intensity of colour, passion, purpose and performance. A stage was being set to mirror and reflect belief and faith in One-God, the Truth, the Light. There was vision, reform, creativity, and a great impassioned Pioneer-In-Action, blessed by the VOICE himself. Well deserving and anointed indeed!


However, and alas, Light always attracts darkness! Where ever Light shines the brightest, evil swamps like locusts and thickens its web, and so, the passionate drama of Light and its important message was abruptly snipped in its bud and reduced to ambers of immediate and urgent silence. All of its colour, beauty, and symphony was cruelly wiped-out and abrasively obliterated from the face of the planet forever! Today, what has been left behind are just mounds of decayed bricks, masses of nitrous compost, and heaps of piled dust, accompanied by a deep deep silence that echoes through the corridors of history.

Dust to dust and ashes to ashes,

Ever-green meadows to sandy and wind-blown deserts,

Where once stood the chosen


 and transformation.


This Book shall bring to light that Akhenaton, the re-embodiment of Thoth, was the son of no ordinary soul. Nor was he an ordinary soul himself! He is an Ascended Master, very high in the Spiritual Hierarchy. In fact, the highest in the Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy! He is the only One to have reached such an exalted position in Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy through human embodiment, and self-mastery. He, Thoth/Enoch/Akhenaton/Lord Gautama Buddha/and now Mahatma Gandhi, are all One Energy, One Soul. He is the ‘LOGOS OF EARTH’.


“As a solid rock is not shaken by the wind,
Even so the wise are not ruffled by praise or blame.
Rare is birth of a human being.
Hard is the life of mortals.

By self is one defiled,
By self is one purified.
Do not let slip this opportunity.”

                                              ...Lord Gautama Buddha




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