I AM a Metaphysical Scriber and an Occult Researcher. I have been a ‘Storyteller’ all my life, in more than one way. Seeing stories, hearing stories, dreaming stories, living stories, re-living stories, desiring stories and now---scribing stories. All of which I love. Stealing the glitter and squeezing the sleaze!

Some of which are fictional, chronicled to explain the unexplainable Truths. Whilst others are exactly how I remember them! Essentials can always be altered when you’re telling a story, but not in the case of reporting the Truth. This is where lies the challenge, and cautious one must be. It is easiest and foremost to doubt one’s ability.

“Am I seeing the Truth?”
“Is this really the Truth?”

Questions that thin one’s faith and liquidate one’s power! Non-Fiction is where one must be careful! After all, I want you to believe them. It is hard enough as it is! Indeed so easy to deny what we cannot readily perceive!

“The Truth is intuitively obvious once the mind is cleared of all debris.
The Truth arises from within, not from without.
 No one else has to confirm that the Truth is true.
The Truth is beyond ‘anyone else’.
The Truth is final, it is limitless, and it is absolute!

...The Vedas






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